Wednesday, July 19, 2006

turkey whispers (doggerel-unfinished)

Avast! lonely Derringer
a vast!
lone and last, lolling lowly last
avast! loping loving last, limping, loping past
Avast! lonely Derringer Avast!
Sherry trifle! Avast! perriwinkles! Avast! Cockatiels and spaniel pups, silk cravats and swine
brigadiers and belfry bats, buccanners and brine
earwigs and candy wax, lavender and burr, blackberry and merriment, fiddlesticks and fur.
a thousand thanks my merry men, a barrell full of tripe, a funeral for a turkey stick, tobbaco for my pipe
a dowager for christmas, a concubine for March, a saucepan full of celery, a louchely waxed moustache
Avast my hearty lovelies, time is wearing thin, march with me till Easter in armour made of tin.
we'll gather up the auttumn leaves and make a roaring fire, we'll shout and yell and dance about until the flames expire
we'll wear all types of jewellry, emerald earings and cufflinks too, we'll try on dresses made of grass with stockings from Peru
we'll burnish all the banisters and buckle every shoe, we'll bankrupt every harlequin from here to Timbucktoo
we'll tighten every torniquet and bolster every brook, we'll tickle every cockatrice and cranny every nook
we'll grow our beards till august and set them all on fire
we'll rob every single bank in town and then we'll all retire.

Avast my hearty lovelies, all lusty and full fed, we'll make a man of liquorice with a mollusc for his head
we'll raid the seas for starfish and plunder every reef, we'll fence with every swordfish and never brush our teeth
the sun is shining brightly, the sea shimmers with its light, rum for every man aboard, with the stomach for a fight
we'll wrestle with the octupi and tangle with the squid
a laurel wreath for every man aboard that ever derring-did.

A vast and desolate desert populated by vultures and lizards and scorpions. A man walks through the desert in rags, laughing.
The sun is white like hot metal.
The man chews on a scorpion like a toffee apple. He is delioroulsy happy. Life has given him all he has asked for.
posted by Luke 2:32 PM

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